Are you here to stay?

We often get the question about our plans for the future and whether or not ORRO Family & Co. is here to stay for the long term.

TLDR: Yes, we are.

We understand the worry; You don’t want to migrate all your emails just to learn that the service will be closed or sold to a shady company in a few months.

Rest assured, we plan to stay. We have a gigantic backlog of features ideas we want to implement over the next years.

We also are discussing to improve the service by offering advanced email sending features for marketers, and programmer oriented features to automate sending and receiving emails.

Moreover, a reason why this service would shut down is that it would not grow or is not big enough to sustain itself. ORRO Family & Co. has reached a point where we are starting to be sustainable. We have a growth curve that helps us plan the future and we are excited about it.

We don’t rely on outside investments or venture capital so our future isn’t going to be impacted by outsider decisions or pressures. We are a 100% independent, bootstrapped, proud, and plan to keep it that way.